Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Busy Times

Suddenly everything became quite busy and hectic.
I've been sitting down knitting for much of the day, a resting day, if you will.
I'm moving in to my new flat at the weekend. I'm also getting my self into gear, ready to start my third and final year at uni.
I also have a small list of things to do, such as finishing my sock and getting used to riding my bike, it's been nearly 10 years since I last owned one!

Just something visual quickly.

Illustration by Julian Callos

Friday, 25 September 2009

Eerie Art

Whilst browsing through Sci-Fi-O-Rama a couple of days ago, I found Simen Johan
A photographer/artist hailing from Sweden, his exhibitions use photographs of a variety of animals set against bleak and desolate landscapes, giving a strange and creepy atmosphere. Along with these images are strange and surreal 'sculptures', (I would call them taxidermy, but that doesn't quite seem right), creatures that look more like they belong withing a nightmare or horror movie.
They remind me of creatures that are conjured up in the dead of night by a childs imagination.
Beautifully haunting.

from exhibition Until the Kingdom Comes 2204-2009

Damson Jam

I was supposed to be making some damson jam with my dad today. It's a shame that I can't control this sleeping pattern.
I've been thinking more about my octopus drawings and what to do with them.
I've been planning a painting of one for quite some time, I just need to find my painting skills again. I haven't done a proper painting for years, not since art college.

I miss college days.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

New Header

I've missed you Photoshop.



I love to draw with fineliner. The inky, scratchy qualities.
This is just a little detail of a sketch of an octopus. The whole picture didn't turn out to my liking in the end.

Say, that header is so boring. I'll make a better one.

Knitting Stockings


I've been working on these stockings since last winter. Honestly, I've done the majority of the work in the past few weeks.

I'm hoping to get them finished by the end of October, ready for the winter. I just need a bit of guidance from my mother on how to shape the foot tomorrow, and this first one ought to be finished by Monday.