Tuesday, 29 June 2010

The Long Awaited Loom...

Yes, I finally got my hands on one.
I needs alot of 'doing up'...sanding, varnishing, new screws etc. but should be up and runnning in a few weeks!
Picture isn't that great, mostly because it's in two bits (and by the end of today, in even more bits)

I can't wait to get weaving on it! But for now, back to my little bird brooches, pictures of which shall be here later I assume.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Ernesto Neto - The Edges of the World

I haven't updated this in a while but theres alot going on! And I havent done much of any note anyway.
But...this weekend we made a trip to the Hayward Gallery at the Southbank Centre in London.
Ernesto Neto had created an installation called The Edges of the World. A selection of sculptures described as 'body/space/landscapes', with sensory experiences, morphing into one another through various forms. All structures were made from individual pieces of wood slotted together without a fixative (such as glue or nails), holding their shapes just through gravity.
It was a wonderful experience, I enjoy art that I feel encouraged to interact with.

view above the cloth

two layers suspended
two views above the suspended layer of cloth..it was like looking across a strange, alien landscape...the smooth textures and gentle curvature.

weighted by stones
curves and undulations weighted with stones

hooks and edges

outdoor pool
the outdoor sculpture pool. swimming in this pool encourages the viewer to almost become a part of the sculpture.

outdoor sculpture
another outdoor sculpture.

outside view of tunnel
view of the tunnel, fabric stretched over the wooden 'skeleton' gives an organic, animal appearance. it was almost as if we were walking through the inside of some giant creature.

tunnel roof

ed in tunnel

within one section of the tunnel there were shaped pockets with chamomile and lavender sewn into them. an interesting experience to walk through this surreal tunnel, getting brief sweet smells.

close up of pocket

there was a section where viewers were invited to take off their shoes and walk across the stretched fabric. this was my favourite experience; when pressure was placed on it, the fabric stretched down to the solid floor, challenging perceptions and causing loss of balance and orientation.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Busy times

Things that have happened that sapped my blogging time:
- computer virus and operating system faff
- finally finishing my project AND degree
- more operating system faff and worry
- putting up my degree show and attending private views
- being generally worn out from all of the above and wanting to spend any spare time not thinking about anything to do with moving or using my brain.

On top of that I've lost alot of photos from having to re-install windows. Which means I'm going to have to go back to Tottenham Court Road for all of the nice photos of that stairway. I bloody love it.

I'd post some pictures of my degree show but I don't have any and I can't be bothered to move to find my camera to see what photos are on there! Eck lazy.

Here's one that I found that suggests what it looks like. I'm off to get crafty.

final peice