Monday, 26 October 2009

Feathers and Feathers and Feathers

The word is starting to lose all meaning.

Last night I made some paper feathers inspired by these:

by Alicia Lynn I found them on her etsy shop, but here is her blog which is more up-to-date (I think!) Ten Dollar Drawings. I love her drawing style, *sigh* I'm jealous of her skills.

I'm thinking hard about where to take this project. I've done so much work with feathers now that it's going to be hard to bring anything else into it. I want to have a go at using vegetable dyes and bead weaving, but I'm fast running out of time. I think I need to re-evaluate and write my brief for this project before it runs away with me!
And so, yet more dreadful quality photographs. How I wish I had a camera.


Sunday, 25 October 2009

Feathers and Extra Hours

It makes me happy that the clocks went back an hour today. It was dark at 5pm. A sure sign of my favourite season: winter.
I'd be lost if I never had 6 months of dark, cold, biting winds and frost.
Not to mention how cosy I feel this evening, while the wind is howling in the blackness outside.
Hm, enough of my pseudo-poetic musings, I've really got so much work to be getting on with. I re-started my sketchbook because I decided that I ruined it by painting things without thinking about it. It's looking altogether too much my usual neutral palette though, I need to inject a hefty load of colour.

Here are a few (awful, phone camera quality) photo's of the work so far. I'm going to do some scanning tomorrow, hopefully have something of a visually pleasing quality.

Friday, 23 October 2009

Action Packed

It's been a busy week, I've had my boyfriend visiting.
Entering a gallery show to exhibit (and hopefully sell) a selection of postcards.
I'm going to keep them based on my Native American theme, perhaps do some small woven peices, or beadweaving.
£10 to enter 4, and selling for £20 each.

I bought a halloween themed cupcake yesterday, it had a pumpkin face made out of icing on top.
We had some fun with it:
running pumpkin man

Thursday, 15 October 2009


My dad has finally finished my cycle.
I can't wait to ride it around the streets of Nottingham.
Though how I will carry all my sketchbooks and folders with me is a conundrum yet to be solved.

my beautiful bike

Lack of Communication

I managed to move back to Nottingham relatively hassle free.
We just had to survive the past week and a half without the internet. Ha, I say it like it's one of the most difficult things to do. The novelty has almost worn off already. I feel like I ought to be getting on with some drawing, or painting.

Three days in to a new year and I already feel snowed under with work. It's nice to be back though, to feel motivated towards something.
This terms theme: Native Americans.
I'm about to go surfing the blogs of the world for some inspiring images.
I'll finish with a photo of the first page of my sketchbook.
(Small and crappy quality...all i have is my webcam!)