Sunday, 25 October 2009

Feathers and Extra Hours

It makes me happy that the clocks went back an hour today. It was dark at 5pm. A sure sign of my favourite season: winter.
I'd be lost if I never had 6 months of dark, cold, biting winds and frost.
Not to mention how cosy I feel this evening, while the wind is howling in the blackness outside.
Hm, enough of my pseudo-poetic musings, I've really got so much work to be getting on with. I re-started my sketchbook because I decided that I ruined it by painting things without thinking about it. It's looking altogether too much my usual neutral palette though, I need to inject a hefty load of colour.

Here are a few (awful, phone camera quality) photo's of the work so far. I'm going to do some scanning tomorrow, hopefully have something of a visually pleasing quality.

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