Monday, 26 October 2009

Feathers and Feathers and Feathers

The word is starting to lose all meaning.

Last night I made some paper feathers inspired by these:

by Alicia Lynn I found them on her etsy shop, but here is her blog which is more up-to-date (I think!) Ten Dollar Drawings. I love her drawing style, *sigh* I'm jealous of her skills.

I'm thinking hard about where to take this project. I've done so much work with feathers now that it's going to be hard to bring anything else into it. I want to have a go at using vegetable dyes and bead weaving, but I'm fast running out of time. I think I need to re-evaluate and write my brief for this project before it runs away with me!
And so, yet more dreadful quality photographs. How I wish I had a camera.


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