Sunday, 17 January 2010


I've been procrastinating on making another post. I'm not sure why, I've become a little lazy this week.
I've been knitting, writing and reading like mad though. My dissertation doesn't need too much adding to it, but I want to make it so much better than it was.
Once I've knitted this next pair of socks, I shall probably make a post of all the pairs so far, I can't get enough at the minute!

For now, my three favourite photo's of the month so far
(I've made it a new 'thing' to take one really nice photo everyday, to really put my camera into use, instead of just being vain and taking photographs of myself)

100_0278 - Copy
Condensation on the window

100_0264 - Copy
More condensation

I really liked the way that the condensation warped and bent the image behind it. The patterns and texture of it really intrigued me. I particularly liked the way that in each individual drop of condensation, there was the same pattern or piece of image, bent and twisted slightly.

100_0190 - Copy
Fairy lights

This is an old one. I took this just after christmas. The colours were what drew me to take a photo of this. The warmth of the lights, with the bluey-purple of the sky. It was just winter in a photograph.

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