Thursday, 15 April 2010

Some Work

I haven't really posted all that much of my work since I've finished it off. are the highlights. Haha.

elastic warp and faux pintucks
Elastic extra warp creating a pintuck effect

elastic warp
Elastic extra warp. It has pulled tighter on one side than the other, hmm.

elasticated weft
Elastic weft. I like the contrast between the flat and rippled areas.

danish medallion with rope
Danish medallion technique with varying thickness yarns.

danish medallion with elastic
Danish medallion technique with thick elastic. Created a really interesting texture.

Mohair pintucks.

mohair linen texture contrast
Mohair and linen. Like the difference in texture, hairy mossy mohair and the rough linen.

floats and dip dyed warp
My favourite, floats and a dip-dyed warp.

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