Saturday, 6 March 2010

Artist Statement

I just wrote a rough draft of my artist statement.
I'm not sure if I like it, I don't really like writing personal things about myself. Perhaps why I don't tell people much about this blog.....
Actually that's really bad of me, how am I supposed to be an artist if I don't like people knowing my personal thoughts and ideas???? I've gotta do something about that...perhaps I'll link people to this blog?
Hmm...anyway, artist statement...enjoy.

I have always been fascinated by nature and the way things grow, change and develop. I suppose this led onto my fascination with weaving, and being able to see and control the way a fabric or art piece forms. This translates to the way I work on the loom; allowing my ideas to develop in an organic and spontaneous way whilst I weave.

I use photographs that I take daily as an inspiration to my artwork. Currently I have been exploring ideas of scale; cropping photographs and enlarging them to see the minute textures and shapes that form within nature. This has motivated me to create very large textile pieces that play with these shapes and textures. The subtle colour changes and differences that occur have also inspired my dyeing techniques and colour choices.

I feel that waste and destruction of environment within textiles is a very important issue, and where possible I try to use every last bit of yarn as well as taking on waste from others. I try to make sure that my yarns are either recycled or from sustainable sources and will also use waste yarns. All of the colours used within my current work are derived from vegetable/natural dyes, which adds an extra depth to my work; it becomes an embodiment of nature.

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