Saturday, 6 March 2010

An injection of colour

I can't believe I forgot to post pictures of my recent trip to Kew Gardens. I've been looking forward to that for some time, it's perhaps the most enjoyable day out in winter! Of course, the actual gardens are pretty dull in winter, but the delights inside the greenhouses are what I always go there for!

patterned leaves
We said these leaves were patterned like dinosaurs.

unbiquitous cactus penis's slightly immature...but still amusing.

desert room
This plant was, honestly, huge. It also looked like a triffid and scared me.

I was struck by the resemblance of many plants to genitalia...I love nature and it's strange ways.

tropical colours
The tropical room in it's entirety.

lovely display
A display of various orchids and other plants (my horticultural knowledge is pretty slim).

great heights
The size of the trees is quite astounding, despite the rusting metal walkways making me increasingly nervous.

view along the greenhouse
I love the 19th century construction.

over-grown stairway
If there is one thing I must have in my house, it is an over-grown white metal spiral staircase with wooden handrail!

Perhaps my favourite room of this visit: The orchid house.
So much colour and life, it was so refreshing on a cold, rainy winter day!

and more...

more orchids


composed orchids
This is most definately my favourite photograph, I love the way that the orchids look as if they're clamouring to be photographed, like children...very Alice in Wonderland haha.

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