Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Oh la la.

Such a long and tiring day today. I'm ready for bed, but I feel the urge to do some drawing. Though as I can barely sit up properly, I don't think I'll last very long.
I'm so proud of what I did today. I havent photographed it properly. I think tomorrow, or at the weekend, I'll photograph everything properly, and just do a huge post full of photos.
But for now....

warps dyed and ready

I love the colours and tones...I'll be doing this again!

warps on the loom
wound and threaded

I'm so happy with this. I haven't woven anything that feels like real fabric for a while. I'll be sticking with the fine wools now!

this is the back...I was too lazy to lift all the shafts I needed, so the pattern is on the back

close up
beautiful colour gradation throughout the makes me so happy!

this is what the front side looks like...the colours are off because i took it from under the loom and edited it lighter.

beautifully productive day!

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