Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Not the earliest morning...

I awarded myself an accidental lie-in. I just couldn't stay awake at 7am.
I'm waiting for the bathroom to free up, so I thought I'd post the update on my weaving so far...

First warp:

long pintucks
my entire set of pintucked samples!

painted spaced warp
I crammed and spaced the warp and painted it...the colours are beautiful!

soaked colour


spaced warp weaving
the denser and lighter areas of warp give really interesting textures and varying depths and intensity of colour, I'm so pleased that I painted it!

mossy bobble pintuck
I've yet to photograph this one in it's finished state!

Now for this weeks warp! I've only completed one sample, but I've been learning techniques, which I shall explain later, or tomorrow, as I've left all the photocopies under the loom! I think theyre called Danish Medallions though? (a quick google says I'm right!)

top view

new technique

detail of the rope twisting


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