Monday, 1 February 2010

Nicholas Alan Cope - Photography

So in order to have an equal amount of posts for days in the month (so that I average at a post a day)...I'm getting a headstart and posting a few interesting people that I have come across today whilst researching for my project (these that I am posting, curiously, aren't related to my project theme)

These photographs by Nicholas Alan Cope are beautiful. They are from his Still Life I set and the Landscape set. These were the two sets that caught my eye.

Still Life I:

the smokey qualities of the photographs make me feel so intrigued. the patterns and subtle colour/tonal differences are wonderful and so detailed


i love how the contrast is so high that the plants almost look like x-rays. and how these textures and shapes contrast so heavily with the above photographs.

*found on but does it float?

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