Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Un Petit Francais

I took a tiny little trip to Paris, which is why I haven't updated for a while. I do have alot of photographs of my work to post however, so they should trickle in over the next few days.

But first, Paris photo's (not all, because there were over 300, so here's the top 10%)

pompidou centre
pompidou centre...

pompidou centre

foggy eiffel tower
...on top of the pompidou centre...a distant eiffel tower

tired feet
our tired feet

sex shop
the sex shop below the hotel

jaunty angle
day two...our bus tour of paris


green balconies

arc de triomphe


the tower

edward and i
it was a very cold day, hence the slightly cross looking faces

holding the tower
the alignment of my hands is wrong, but it had to be done!

notre dame bell tower
a notre dame bell-tower


the breath-taking interior of notre dame...

notre dame interior

notre dame interior

notre dame interior

stained glass reflection
i absolutely love the reflection of stained glass

odd colouration, i tried to show how vivid the rainbow was, we could see it right to the end on both ends...fascinating.

latin quarter
colourful, vibrant and bohemian latin quarter

louvre pyramid
our last day was spent at the louvre...wonderful collection of art.

mona lisa
we saw the mona lisa...

mona lisa crowd
...and laughed at the people crowding around it. it didn't impress me.

this unusual stairway caught my eye

we also looked around the apartments of napoleon the third. i was taken with how regal it was.


napoleons living room

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