Friday, 26 February 2010

Weaving so far...

A few photo's of my favourite peices that I have created so far...

vegetable dip-dyeing
dip-dyeing my yarns (red and white onion skin and turmeric)

drying hanks and rope
hanging them up to dry. beautiful colours.

mossy bobbles
mossy bobble sample from my first warp

more bobbles
off the loom

another angle

more rope loops
evenly spaced loops of rope

rope loops
uneven rope loops

threaded up
warp number two...ready to go!

twisted ropes
twisted rope from warp two

twisted ropes
side angle

more twisted ropes
close up front. This was perhaps my favourite peice that I did this week, I'm dying to try it out with much larger rope.

twisted felt
twisted un-spun wool

twisted felt
and another angle

rope warp
third warp...creeping vine ropes

second angle

and finally....a quiet pajama and soup night.
night in

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